About our Children's classes

Skylight Kitchen offers workshops for children aged 6 and above, designed to teach cooking skills in a home kitchen.   The aim is to encourage children to try new foods and cook fun, tasty dishes which will hopefully help them to make healthier food choices and set them up with skills which they will use for life.  

These days there is little opportunity for children to learn to cook and not always the time to teach them at home.  By enrolling on a course at Skylight Kitchen, you will give your child the opportunity to get hands-on experience of making some delicious food in a friendly, relaxed environment and the washing up & mess will be left behind, although the children will be encouraged to get involved in clearing up as this is a part of cooking too!

In groups of up to 8 children we will cover the following elements with the focus on getting stuck in & having fun:

Learn to follow a recipe and all that it entails including understanding cooking terms, weighing & measuring

Explore foods that are in season

Food hygiene & safety


Skylight Kitchen will provide aprons, all cooking equipment and containers for bringing any goodies home.  The children will receive a recipe card with all the recipes they have cooked so they can re-create them at home.

After School Classes

 For children aged 7-11

This is an after school Cookery Club from 4:30-6:30pm on a Thursday afternoon.  There are 5 sessions each half of term and the children cook different dishes each week and then sit down to eat them for their tea.  During the course we cover some key cooking skills including bread making, baking, knife skills, meat preparation etc.  The focus is on nutritious and delicious food and the children are encouraged to try new flavours.  The children bring home any extra bits they cook, along with a recipe card so that they can re-create their dishes at home.  

Birthday Parties

Skylight Kitchen can offer a 2.5hr party for up to 8 children aged 7 and above.  As an example, children make their own pizzas from scratch and each guest makes a different coloured cake layer to form a Rainbow Birthday cake which they all decorate. 

Aprons, all cooking equipment and a recipe card will be provided.

Teen Cookery Club

For children aged 12-16 

These sessions will focus on learning & practising key cooking skills.  Each child will have their own hob and working area. Throughout the course there will be a mix of savoury & sweet dishes and the food cooked will be taken home to share.  We will explore flavours & dishes from around the world and as an example we may make a perfect risotto with a bread one week and then focus on choux pastry, making profiteroles & chocolate sauce another week. The classes are two hours long from 16:00-18:00.

A recipe card, aprons, all cooking equipment and containers for bringing their food home will be provided.

Skylight Kitchen


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Holiday Workshops

Please click the link below to see our available workshops at Durlston Court. 

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